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Felton Jarvis, Interview English

Lp felton 1Format: Open-ended
Running Time: 28:45 (with introduction)
Introduction: 1:25 (locked groove)Side 1: 15:18
Side 2: 13:27
Should be personalized by station for use as open-ended radio interview.
When Felton Jarvis moved from Atlanta, Georgia, to Nashville in 1963, he was already an Elvis fan, like millions of other Americans. Little did he know, however, that scarcely two years later he would join RCA Records to produce Elvis Presley. From 1965 until the singer's death in 1977, Felton Jarvis guided Elvis' recording sessions, supervising the production of such bits as "Big Boss Man," "U. S. Male," "In The Ghetto," "Kentucky Rain," "Suspicious Minds," "Don't Cry Daddy" and many more.
In mid-December of 1980, Felton put the finishing touches on a brand new Elvis project, titled "Guitar Man," on which ten Presley songs were completely re-recorded, retaining only the singer's voice from tbe original sessions and replacing the instrumental tracks with up-dated versions. On December 16, Felton sat down with Jerry Flowers of RCA's Nashville staff to discuss questions for an audio interview to be recorded tbe next week and made available to radio and press in conjunction with the release of the "Guitar Man" album. That studio recording was never made. On December 19, 1980, Felton Jarvis suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. He died in a Nashville hospital on January 3, 1981, at the age of 46. Luckily, a cassette recording of the December 16 pre-interview conversation was made.
The fowlowing material is from a studio-enhanced reproduction of that cassette.The "Vorinterview" includes not only the project "Guitar Man" but it is also spoken about Felton Jarvis interesting career.
Download the complet interview (PDF Text file eng.) a must for the Elvis Fan!!
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  The Free Lance-Star
 Felton Jarvis last project in the 80's 
Album"Guitar Man" Album"Guitar Man"  Album "Too Much Monkey Business" Album "Too Much Monkey Business"
LP "Guitar Man" 1981 FTD "Too Much Monkey Business" 2000
Songs: Released Songs:*previously unreleased
01 Guitar Man 01 Burning Love*
02 After loving You 02 I'll Be There* 
03 Too Much Monkey Business 03 Guitar Man
04 Just Call Me Lonesome  04 After Loving You 
05 Lovin' Arms 05 Too Much Monkey Business
06 You Asked Me To  06 Just Call Me Lonesome
07 Clean Up Your Backyard 07 Lovin' Arms 
08 She Thinks I Still Care 08 You Asked Me To
09 Faded Love 09 Clean Up Your Backyard
10 I'm Movin On 10 She Thinks I Still Care
  11 Faded Love
  12 I'm Movin On
  13 I'll Hold You In my Heart*
  14 In the Ghetto*
  15 Long Black Limousine* 
  16 Only The Strong Survive* 
  17 Hey Jude* 
  18 Kentucky Rain* 
  19 If You Talk In You Sleep*
  20 Blue Suede Shoes*
Work In Progress: 'The Guitar Man Album Sessions Volume 1' 2020
Work In Progress The Guitar Man Album Sessions Volume 1 CD Set Elvis Bootleg  
Disk 1 Disk 2
  Songs: * previously unreleased
01 Guitar Man   01 Hey Jude
02 After Loving You  02 For Ol' Times Sake
03 Too Much Monkey Business   03 Only The Strong Survive 
04 Just Call Me Lonesome   04 Blue Suede Shoes 
05 Lovin' Arms   05 In The Ghetto 
06 You Asked Me To   06 Susan When She Tried
07 Clean Up Your Own Backyard   07 Shake A Hand
08 She Thinks I Still Care   08 That's What You Get For Loving Me
09 Faded Love   09 Funny How Time Slips Away*
10 I'm Movin' On  10 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
  11 Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall
Work In Progress  12 I'll Hold You In My Heart* 
Songs: previously unreleased  13 Help Me
11 Guitar Man  14 I'll Be There*
12 Too Much Monkey Business   15 The Fool*
13 Lovin' Arms 1  16 Burning Love*
14 You Asked Me To 17 If You Talk In Your Sleep
15 She Thinks I Still Care - No Backing Voc 18 Kentucky Rain
16 She Thinks I Still Care - Backing Vocal 19 Long Black Limousine
17 I'm Movin' On  
Duets Created By Felton Jarvis Work In Progress
Songs:  previously unreleased Songs: previously unreleased
18 Guitar Man -  With Jerry Reed Mix #1 20 Hey Jude - No Echo Different Mix
19 Help Me - With The Gatlin Brothers 21 In The Ghetto - No Backing Vocals
20 For Ol' Times Sake - Tony Joe White 22 Susan When She Tried  - Different Mix
23 If You Talk In Your Sleep
  24 Susan When She.. - Unedited (Dry Vocals)
  25 Kentucky Rain - Diff. Mix No Echo
 Teaser For Second Disc  
Songs:  previously unreleased  
21 That's What You Get For Loving Me - Vocal Raised     
22 Hey Jude - Unedited    
23 Guitar Man - With Jerry Reed Mix #2  
Work Parts  
Songs: previously unreleased  
24 She Thinks I Still Care - Work Part  



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