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† Felton Jarvis (1934 - 1981)


Felton Jarvis, (born November 16, 1934 – died January 3, was an American producer who produced
most of Elvis's recordings from 1966-1977, 1981. He also released several singles in the late 1950s and early
1960s. Jarvis also produced John Hartford's first six albums. Tommy Roe, Michael Nesmith, Fats Domino,
Jimmy Dean, Fess Parker, Charly Pride, Carl Perkins, Skeeter Davis, Willie Nelson, Gladys Knight & The Pips,
Maria Dallas.
Singer: Felton Jarvis
Viva Records
Honest John (The Workin' Man's Friend) / Don't Knock Elvis (1959)
Thunder Int. Columbia Miss
• Swingin' Cat / Honest John (The Working Man's Friend) (1960)
• Dimples  /Little Wheel (1960)
Ski King / Be-I-Bye,ETC (1964)
• Too Many Tigers / Knickle Knuckle (1965)
• Indian Love Call / Goin'Down Town  (1961)
RCS Discographie 
 1966 letter 1
Elvis & Felton 1969 American Studios Memphis
Augusta May '77 
elvis felton 1976 1 
Elvis & Felton '69
Felton Jarvis Car

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